Why Email Marketing Is Still Effective

1 min read

Outside of flyers, mailers, and coupons email can now be considered and older form for reaching customers.

Even though it has been used as a promotional tool for the better part of 20 years, email marketing still works. The main reason being, people have at one time or another subscribed to get your newsletter. Which means that they know who you are and are interested in your goods or services. Ultimately giving businesses a built-in audience that is invested in their updates.

Granted, a percentage of those subscribers may have only signed up to get a discount on goods or services. Which brings me to my next point. There are no guarantees in keeping those subscribers. Because at any given time they can unsubscribe from your emails and you lose a lead. The good news is, typically most consumers stay subscribed whether on purpose or due to being too lazy to unsubscribe. Either way, this allows companies an opportunity to catch passive eyes with a deal they cannot pass up.

Keep in mind, email marketing is not just for promoting sales on goods or services, it's also a great medium to promote events. So, if you own a bar, restaurant, event hall, or are a tourism company, you too can benefit from email marketing. This can be used to promote a Happy Hour, big event, or upcoming things to do in a specific area.

Now that I have gone over the basics you should know that email marketing is not a goldmine. It takes time to build and maintain an audience, a lot of planning and testing must be done in order to determine what voice or message works for you. Thankfully email marketing companies like MailChimp and Constant Contact have A/B testing options to help make your email campaign a success.

Not only do they have testing, they also offer multiple templates to help you determine the look and feel of the email. They also allow you to track the success of the emails by giving users analytics tools. These tools will let you know your open rate (percentage of people opening the email and how often it was opened), bounced emails (emails were not successfully delivered) and what links were the most popular amongst users who opened the email.

Skilled users can build a landing page for your campaign that will have a similar look and feel to your companies website. The difference is its sole purpose is to hammer home the message of your email in an attempt to get a better response rate and more sales. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but if it is done properly it can make a difference in the success of the promotion.

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