Why You Should Use Google Voice & Not Your Personal Number For Your Business

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As cell phones have become a regular part of our lives, they have also become a crucial tool in small business. The fact is, we are a very on the go society and at times we will rely on convenience over our own personal space.

Many small business owners run their company from their homes and utilize their personal cell phone number to double as their company phone number. This is a practice that should be antiquated as there are a ton of other options to separate your personal and business life. One option is to add a line to your personal line or open a separate account. Most small companyʻs may not be able to add this expense as there are other things that are more crucial to spend their money on. 

Fortunately, we have Google Voice, founded in 2009 this FREE application has grown and is an extremely useful tool for small business owners. The best part is, itʻs available for both Android and IOS and is easy to sign up for and use. Also, did I mention itʻs FREE!

 Simply log into voice.google.com and search your city or the nearest one to you and grab an available number. Once you have selected a number you will be prompted to enter your cell number to receive a code that will link the number to your existing personal number. Once that is completed, download the app and away you go. 

This free app has a ton of features including caller ID, voicemail, call blocking, texting, & do not disturb mode. It utilizes your current network and will not add additional costs to your bill. Keep in mind, Google Voice is not just for people on the go. It can be used for offices or retail stores as well. All you have to do is buy this affordable device from Obihai and connect it to your modem or router. Then connect a traditional phone to it and you have a business line ready to go.

If you have already established your personal cell as your business number you can port over your number to Google Voice for $20. Just remember to add a line to your current plan so you can change your personal number to that new number. It may sound like a lot of work, but it really isnʻt and can make a huge difference in your work/life balance.

One of our clients made the switch after we suggested it to them and they have not looked back. In fact, they have enjoyed the freedom that has come with being able to just switch off when they want to have some personal or family time.

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